Think Paradise.
Imagine a colourful, cosy, intimate environment and a stunning tropical setting. Out – of – this – world performers, sound magicians, installation artists and healers from all over the world. With their tools and talents they create a blissful symphony, orchestrated by mother nature’s happenings – the sunset, moonrise and sunrise.

ॐ Welcome to Sundowners Collective Gathering 2018 ॐ

Three magical Goan days fuelled by Dj sets, live bands, art installations, healing sessions & workshops, meditation & yoga, exciting animation, a boutique market and healthy food to boot the mind, body and soul.

Underground Music // Arts // Feeling

EARLY BIRD UNTIL 15th of November!

❉ Lone Wolf Package // 1000 INR (15 Eur)
Single Day Ticket
Any day

❉ Sundowner Package // 2500 INR (35 Eur)
3-day Festival Pass
No accommodation

❉ Hut Package // 6000 INR (85 Eur)
3-day Festival Pass
3 Nights in a Beach Hut

❉ Hut Package for 2 people // 10000 INR (130 Eur)
3-day Festival Pass
3 Nights in a Beach Hut

❉ Yoga Package // 20000 INR (250 Eur)
3-day Festival Pass
5 days of Yoga (brought to you by the Elbow Collective)
9 Nights in a Beach Hut


Unders ( SolSelectas, Happy Campers, We Are E) NL


Britta Arnold (Katermukke, Happy Campers, We Are E) DE

Josephine De Retour (Deeplike) FR

Hoolz (Deeplike) LB

Zone + (Deeplike, All Day i Dream) BHR

Jyoti Supernaturel (Mystic & Live Performer) FR

Elif Tanverdi (cizenbayan) TUR

Joey Payne (Sundowners Collective, AfrikaBurn) BE

Jose Noventa (Happy Campers, Gardens Of Babylon ) BE

Subscope (Armada Deep, Palmier) UK

Troja (Getting Deeper, Salomo Records) IN

Sitarsonic (Arambol) IN

Boris Van Reev NL

Boris Van Reev

Lil Vän ES

Antonio Ponti (Killer Kiccen) IT

DJ Isis (All is One) NL

Soundshapes (Shamana Records) IT

Amare (Brussels electronic marathon) BE

Caspar (Ketaloco) BE

Esta Polyesta (Odessa Amsterdam) NL

Mü (Project Heart) USA

Clifford Victoria (Leopard Valley) IN

Eve Carrey (Leopard Valley) IN


➳ IndiPam – Karma means action ( Massage, Reiki, Yoga …)
➳ Touch & Motion ( Touch & Body Therapy )

➳ Touch & Motion (Workshop based around body & touch therapy)

Partners :
The Gardens of Babylon
Deep Like

Want to see last year’s magic?


Leopard Valley