The only band that performs 100% LIVE trance – HILIGHT TRIBE Live in Goa in February 2017

The only band that performs 100% LIVE trance – HILIGHT TRIBE Live in Goa in February 2017

It’s the return of the biggest psy-trance mega-band! They recorded their album the last time they played in India, and now they are back to dish out some more!

Catch Them Live at Sula Fest, Nashik.

When: On 5th February 2017, Sunday

Or witness them Live In Concert at Hilltop Festival, Vagator

When: On 10th – 12th February 2017

At the dawn of a new era, Hilight Tribe breaks the boundaries with their 100% explosive Live Natural Trance that unleashes the dance floors from France to all over the world.

For more than 10 years, the “Tribe” has reverted to the message of the Natural Trance or “Techno Acoustic” through a lifestyle close to the Earth and aware of current technologies. With 6 albums, 4 clips and 500 concerts to their credit, the Hilight Tribe innovate in an electro-instrumental sound that combines Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voices Congas, Djembe, Didgeridoo and other percussion instruments or strings originating from the four corners of the world .

Meet the Band

Greg : Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Djembe, Didgeridoo, Jew’s harp, sitar, N’goni, Berimbao, Percussion.

Solo project: GREG HILIGHT

Ludo: Djembe, Bougarabou, Voice, Didgeridoo, Percussion, Tablas, Shruti Box, Trunk Tibetan (dum, Dungkar) …

Solo project: LUDOJI

Rishnu: Lower, Dun Dun, Voice, Percussion.

Roots: Congas, Bongos, Djembe, percussion, flute…

Seb: Drums, Percussion, FX


Mathias: Mixing desk, FX (delay, flanger, gates, etc.) Filter Sherman …

These five musicians and their sound engineers live between the Ile de France, Brittany and the Balearics, but above all they feel citizens of the world in a spirit of unity between countries and cultures.

The band play Trance music with guitar, bass, didgeridoos, rock drum and a lot of ethnic percussions, adding sometimes Indian and Tibetan mantras, all filtered with special effects to produce a powerful trance live act considered in all the Festivals and concert rooms as one of the better French bands, and trances live acts.

On stage, the Tribe deploys an energy boosted to create an osmosis between musicians and public, rhythm and dance, futuristic sounds and tribal cadences, all energized by a powerful kick-bass. Each instrument is played in real time and connected to sensors or effects, creating alchemy between modern and ancestral sounds.


The only 100% live performance in trance made their way from the heights of Ibiza to Hungary, Japan (Vision Quest), USA, Brazil, Germany (Natraj Temple), Morocco, Spain, Mexico and of course in France where they’re based and sold already more than 40,000 albums. (6 released, 4 video-clips on MTV and the French channels).

Precursors of a style become a musical current, the Hilight Tribe invite you to a journey beyond time and space where the spirit of the Roots comes to guide the modern world towards the path of Trance. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the energy & Music like never before.  If you enjoyed the article, do not forget to share it with your friends!!

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